These laws followed around the world are really weird!

Weird laws give travelling around the world a unique twist. This is their way of saying that things around here are a little different. But if you don’t want to spend your time there in jail or be fined read these laws.

  • Canada: illegal- penny overuse: if you are thinking of using all your Canadian currency on the last days. Think again, it’s illegal to use more than 25 pennies in a transaction. The government announced this year that they will soon be phasing out the one cent coins.

 Canada illegal- penny overuse-Netmarkers


  • Daytona beach, Fla: illegal- spitting in public: in Daytona Beach you can be sure than you won’t step on some stranger’s mucus, as the city’s code of ordnance doesn’t allow anyone to expectorate upon the streets or sidewalks or anywhere in the city. So walk with confidence here, you are not gonna slip on any spit.



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