Soon there will be homes on Mars! Want to live there?

NASA is now trying to make ice homes on the red planet for astronauts to live in. mars is considered to be the most viable planet to live in, maybe the only option available for habitation or as a candidate for extra terrestrial life.  This ice will help the astronauts live on mars for at least 400 days. This is a huge step towards attaining the goal of life on mars.

Now the question arises what are ice homes and how is NASA planning to use it on mars?

Mars doesn’t support life:

The air on mars is too thin to support life. And giant dust storm engulfs the planet for months making it impossible to live there. The surface temperature runs in extremes. The thin atmosphere doesn’t provide much protection leaving the astronauts in danger of radiation.

To battle this idea of ice homes was developed, to protect future astronauts who are travelling to mars.



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