8 Simple Tips for Long and Healthy Hair



Shiny, long and thicken hair that is what the desire of every women. But this is not really easy to gain this. Proper care and nourishment plays a vital role in keeping the hair healthy. Here are the top trending 8 tips that will help you to grow thicker hair and make the world jealous of you.

8. Visit Your Doctor when needed and don’t forget to take your Vitamins

You should immediately rush to the doctor, if you find any problem with your hair. Vitamins play a very important role in proper conditioning of the hair and doctor knows the best which supplements are required in your body. B-12, Zinc, Calcium and Vitamin D as well as multi-vitamins are very much important for the healthy and strong hair that doctor may prescribed.

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7. Trim your ends

For proper growth of the hair, it is very necessary to trim your hair once in three months. Breakage due to split ends prevents hair from growing. Trimming allows the hair to grow longer.

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6. No heat and minimal indirect heat

Let your hair dry naturally. Excess exposure to heat via dryer and ironing can damage your hair.  If you are working women and can’t wait your hair to dry naturally then use a hooded dryer or get blow dryer attachment.

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5. Daily oil conditioning

If your hair has a very dry texture or has become dry, do the proper oil conditioning. Oil helps in moisturizing the hair and growing longer. Use a mixture of Jamaican castor oil and coconut oil twice daily.

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