Story of doberman who was paralysed and later got a new lease of life will bring tears of joy

In today’s age, every “thing” has a value attached to it . It doesn’t matter if the thing is living orinanimate; once people see that the thing is not giving them the value of its worth, they discard it immediately without a second thought. For pets and animals, people value them for what they give them in form of companionship, help, meat, money anything. If the animal becomes old or worthless it is either killed or left to fend for itself.. No one will spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to save their pets, since they can adopt one for free or buy one for less money than they have to spend on a sick pet.

But a dog rescue and an animal foundation, rescued and rehabilitated a dog that was not only paralyzed and was on list of being euthanized, they ignored the monetary costs to save him and via sheer determination and love, gave the dog, another chance at life.Here is the story of Kenny – the Doberman.



The poor Doberman who was paralyzed

Usually, Doberman breed dogs are used to guard houses, people and warehouses and other important valuables.These are gentle giants and if given proper training and raised correctly, can even become excellent house pets.Unfortunately, Kenny here, had lost the ability to stand or walk, after a kennel worker accidentally dropped a metal gate on his neck. The rescue team then called up a foundation that could help him or else he was going to be put to sleep. The foundation took in the dog despite the expensive costs of rehabilitating the dog.


How the dog was saved

The staff at the Two Hands Four Paws foundation worked their best to help restore some movement in his limbs. The procedure included manipulating and massaging the limbs regularly for few months. They also made Kenny do some strenuous exercises in order to make him move his legs and try and stand up on his own. They had to ask for donations in order to get him an MRI to see what else they could do and in no time, their required amount of $8,000 UDS was met, thanks to generous donations from all quarters.

He had also lost the ability to pee and after collecting donations of $6,000 additional USD, he was operated upon and his spine was set straight. He underwent 25 hours of physical therapy, acupuncture. Finally, after months of hard work from both the staff at the Bill Foundation and Kenny himself, the 10-year-old dog took his first steps all by himself.



How is Kenny doing now?

He is still cared for and has been put up for adoption. After few  weeks, Kenny was adopted into a loving and caring house, where he has a family that loves him and  cares for him. Thanks to Bill Foundation and Two Hands Four Paws rescue team, Kenny got a second life.The foundation gave him all they could, even when the monetary costs were steep; their determination and love for Kenny, gave him a second life.



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