Actual Name of 10 things we Use Every Day ! Amazing



Nothing is unnamed. Everything has a name including some obscure objects that you would not look at or give any kind of importance . Read the article to find common everyday objects you put to use but don’t know the names.


Do you know that the groove below your nose and above the lips which looks like a straight dimple or small lined dent is known as Philtrum.

Philtrum Netmarkers


Nibblings is a neutral gender term used to refer nephews or nieces.

Nibblings netmarkers


This is something really unexpected. The blob of toothpaste on your toothbrush has a name too and is known as Nurdle.

Nurdle netmarkers


Do you love the smell in the natural surroundings just after the little shower or rain? What does this called? Well it is known as Petrichor.

Petrichor netmarkers


Aglet is a name coined to the little metal piece or plastic piece at the end of your laces.

Aglet netmarkers




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