Top 12 insane things ancient Romans did!

As the famous saying goes, Rome was not built in a day, it definitely took efforts and the citizens added a lot of magic to the city. Anyone who has visited the city can’t stop raving about the architecture and the old ruins that give the city it’s glory. “When in Rome do as the romans do” so maybe you would want to try the crazy things the old Romans did. The following list will help you in improving the knowledge about the old roman’s habits.

Famous feasts

Rome is famous as for parties with plenty of wine and food  which were thrown by the rich Romans. Apart from the delicious dishes there was music, dance and acrobats to entertain the guests. The feats lasted for days or as long as there was food so in order to keep the party going the guests would deliberately throw up their food.  This is a very unhealthy and as it would lead to the problem of bulimia.



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