Laws in US which are weirdest!!

World is full of funny facts and unusual Laws. Here are some of the bizarre laws in U.S. we bet you’ve never heard about.   Sad Face is an offence: The city of United States, Pocatello is known as Smile Capital. If any person found with sad face or without any smile then there are…

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Fruits grow on the trunk of this Brazilian tree. Amazing!!!

A Brazilian tree called “Jabuticabeira“ with an interesting name as well as characteristics. The specialty of this tree is it can grows its fruits on its trunks which look like tasty berries and they actually are very tasty. Tree’s name is derived from a Tupi word Jabuti (tortoise) + Caba (place), whose meaning is the…

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4 types of drinking personalities named, which one are you

Mostly for all, there are two types of people based on alcohol consumption – drinkers and non-drinkers. But a recent US study conducted by the University of Columbia-Missouri has named the categories that classify the drinkers. Each of the four categories has its own specific behavioural traits, which helped the researchers identify and differentiate the alcohol…

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Survival myths that should be avoided

There are some age old traditional survival strategies which are drummed in to our heads from school in case we are caught unguarded in the wild; while most of them did work 50 years ago, they do not now. Thankfully, here are some survival myths that we have busted with alternate solutions for them that…

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You must be a genius to solve these 10 secretive messages

Humans are the most intelligent beings on this planet. Our level of understanding things and creating puzzles is an ability thanks to the highly evolved functioning of the human brain. There have been men and women of extremely high intelligence in the history of mankind. The highest recorded and verified IQ is close to 210,…

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You will be surprised after knowing the 12 unknown facts about Titanic!

The sinking of the Titanic has always been one of Maritime history’s biggest mystery. Here are some interesting facts of the ill fated ship combined with the iconic movie by James Cameron in 1997. Some of these unknown facts about the Titanic will truly leave you amazed wondering how such things were possible.  The movie…

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