Ten Hidden Features Of Smartphone

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Every person uses smartphones these days. It is difficult impossible to imagine a life without smartphone. But do you know there are still many things we do not know about smartphones. When we update our phone and apps, many new features are introduced on our phones, without us knowing about it.

There are ten hidden features in a smartphone that you must know –

Cloning Application

Ten Hidden Features Of Smartphone - App Clone

There is an “app cloner” in most of the new android phones that helps in duplicating any application with a single tap. This is useful for those users who have multiple social media accounts. The phones having older android version can even download it from Google playstore.


Ten Hidden Features Of Smartphone - Scanner

There are many smartphone users who know that android phones can be used as a scanner. You can scan your important documents and photos with the camera. Download this beneficial app that will scan and save your documents in cloud storage and will also send a copy to the recipient.

Smartphone Can Be Turned into a Digital Scale

Ten Hidden Features Of Smartphone - Weighing

You would be surprised to know that you can weigh small objects on your phone. There is an app “Working Scale Free” that helps in doing this. You need to calibrate it with any small object whose weight is known by you.

Safe Mode

Ten Hidden Features Of Smartphone - Safe Mode

Just like computer, safe mode on smartphones help to remove third party apps and debugs elements that could be harmful for the phone.

You need to switch on the phone, again press the power button, keep pressing it, a menu appears, press and hold onscreen “off” or the power off key. The safe mode will appear now. You need to click OK.

Switch to two-window mode

Ten Hidden Features Of Smartphone - Two Mode

Multi window mode is a very interesting hidden smartphone feature that lets you switch between two apps while using them simultaneously. However, this feature does not work on all smartphones.

YouTube Videos and Audios

Ten Hidden Features Of Smartphone - YouTube

YouTube downloading apps are hidden by Google. But there are third party applications you can use to download audios and videos from YouTube. Tubemate and videoder.net are the downloading apps.

Link two smartphones

Ten Hidden Features Of Smartphone - OTG

OTG (one touch on the go) is also one of the hidden smartphone features that allows a smartphone to connect to another peripheral device that is connected to the other smartphone. USB female adapter can be fit to one of the phones and the other phone with a micro USB cable. Connection between phones can be enabled once the hardware is identified.

Offline Maps

Ten Hidden Features Of Smartphone - Map

What would you do if you are lost and need to use the GPS map on your phone? Well now it can be downloaded on the phone and it works even after the internet is disabled while the GPS is on. Satellite data enables application and your location is displayed even in offline mode.

Use Phone to Pay Instead of Credit Cards

Ten Hidden Features Of Smartphone - Android Pay

NFC modules are built in android phones that helps to link credit cards with phones. Android Pay can be used for payment as most stores accept payment through it.

Unlimited Search

Ten Hidden Features Of Smartphone - Search

There is an amazing app “Google Goggles” that can help you search anything. Just use your phone’s camera instead of typing on the search bar and it works best when you search for images, food, bar codes, etc.


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