Facebook Data Leak Scam? Beware!


This is a broad statement issued by the CEO of Facebook “Mark Zuckerberg” apologizing in front of the public for the recent wrong doings in the social media, after his hearing in front of the US congress.


After delivering his official statement, Mark Zuckerberg argued that Facebook is not meant for misuse, bit it is a platform for lots of good things.

Ahead of his testimony, mark Zuckerberg wrote on his apologetic statement that, for our existence, we focused on all the good things on Facebook that connected people. But at the same he gave a clear statement, might be in contrast, that we did nothing to prevent Facebook for being harmful as well.


That news went fake in elections and foreign interference, and also a hate speech as well as a data policy and developer.

“It was my mistake and I am extremely sorry for that. We failed to take the broad view of our responsibility, and this created a big mistake.”


It is being expected by the CEO of Facebook “Mark Zuckerberg” to give a detailed picture to US lawmakers of how the data of millions of Facebook users, approx. 87 million was harvested by Cambridge Analytic, and also the role of “fake news” with respect to social media platforms, and the vents leading the US Presidential Election 2016. Mark Zuckerberg, in his official statement did not reside more on the promises and problems made on Facebook, but dwell more on the specific steps that the social media is taking to better and upgrade the security of its data to get rid from future abuse. In the closing statements, Zuckerberg emphasized more on his top priority that Facebook has always been our social mission for connecting people. At last he added that as long as he is running Facebook, the developers and advertisers will never take priority over Facebook.

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