The 15 Best Smartphones Available For You In The Year 2018!

Are you looking for the best smartphone for you? You are at the very right place, because this article will guide you through the best top smart phones that have been reviewed, iOS as well as Android.

I am pretty sure that you will get to find the best mobile phone for you for your budget. You will also be satisfied with the features that you need, the size that you feel is perfect for you and the software that you like. There are all types of phones regarding the top large size screen, great phones for gaming and also the best phones for battery life.

The best smartphone guide keeps on updating so that it could reflect the recent launches and could also recognize the price changes. So, here is the list of the recent smart phones for you in the year 2018.

And, as always, all of these top phones have been fully reviewed by people, as we don’t just include stuff we think is good.

And of course one of the most important factor to keep in mind while purchasing a new phone is that make sure that you have the right smartphone for you. If you’re in the market for a cheaper phone, then check out our sub-£400 and budget phone roundups.

  1. Huawei P20 Pro

It would be a bit shocking, but a mere fact too that the P20 Pro has really seized the Samsung Galaxy S9+ at the top of the list just after a month on top. You might think that the newest phone that is being launched is generally put on the top of the list but that isn’t the case genuinely.

The P20 Pro will blow you away, as a new camera phone king is born. If you’re seeking a genuine flagship then you’re looking right at one. Huawei has produced the best phone of 2018 so far. It looks great, lasts an age per charge, the camera is a top-ranking effort, and there’s all the performance you could need.

Huawei P20 Pro-netmarkers

Unlock isn’t a patch on Apple’s Face ID, no wireless charging is poor when the phone is glass-backed anyway plus there are minor software quirks but savvy buyers should snap up this phone over a Google Pixel 2 XL or a Samsung Galaxy S9 and not regret it for one second.

The Huawei P20 Pro isn’t for everyone though, and there are plenty of other smartphones on the market to consider whatever budget you are on. Choosing the right phone for you is every bit as important as getting the best phone and there’s loads to consider.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S9+

Samsung in 2018 took everything that was great about the Samsung Galaxy S8+ and boosts it. There isn’t a huge change in design, but this remains one of the best looking phones on the market. That 6.1-inch Infinity Display still rules the roost, as Samsung adds refinement to the display making it brighter and better looking than before.

There’s power on tap, making a great smartphone to tackle daily use, with the convenience of a plenty of choices for biometric unlocking, as well as a fingerprint scanner that’s now more conveniently located than it was on the S8+. Samsung also hangs onto the basics – a 3.5mm headphone socket and microSD card slot, all wrapped in an IP68 waterproofed package.

Samsung Galaxy S9+-netmarkers

The camera is the real point of interest. The 960fps capture might not be the most exciting thing it offers, but the new dual lens system performs well in low light conditions, while the addition of the 3x optical zoom gives this phone a feature point that sets it ahead of last year’s devices. But it’s the refinement of the package that appeals: Samsung offers the latest in Android Oreo and more features out of the box than any other smartphone manufacturer.

It may be expensive, it may not be a huge change from last year, but the Samsung Galaxy S9+ is practically all the smartphone that everybody needs.

  1. Apple iPhone X

The iPhone X was one of our top 2017 phones, because iPhone X is the biggest shock in iPhone history. It’s unashamedly premium, from the build to the price, but it comes together in a package offering a smartphone experience that’s not matched elsewhere.

It makes the iPhone 8 looks like a relic, it betters Android competition in the same space, as Apple makes a huge change to its flagship phone.

There’s power and refinement in abundance, with quality oozing from the stainless steel frame, with a fresh new look coming from the new 19.5:9 display that banishes bezels to the last decade. It’s not just the lack of bezels that are impressive about the display, but the overall quality is great too.

Apple iPhone X-netmarkers

Its HDR compatible, supports Dolby Vision and it’s Apple’s first OLED display on a smartphone and it looks fantastic. You’re not let down by the camera either, which offers great photos and the advantage of stabilized zoom.

For iPhone fans, it’s the pinnacle of the mobile Apple experience, a complete step-change in what the iPhone is. It’s a phone you can’t afford to miss out on.



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