Copious standard of living on Wheels – The pinnacle comfort cars one can get a hold to sense like the sovereigns

3. Mercedes S-Class

This is one of the most luxurious car available in the listings of Mercedes that is prepared with the motive to indulge you with its soothe and facilities. Here, two wheelbases are present as an option; the rear seats are exclusively provided with the longer one that can vent, heat, and massage and are also able to stretch out horizontally till the middle.

This super luxurious car provides fascinating options in driving modes and engines and thus, if you are even doing the job of driving this car, this could prove to be one of the best jobs for you. It also provides options like automatic accelerating and steering. The conventional V8 turbo Petrol and V6 Diesel are available as choices in this car. The fusion like V6 petrol engines and four-cylinder are also available as an option.

Price- $96,575-$169.975

Mercedes S-Class


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