Copious standard of living on Wheels – The pinnacle comfort cars one can get a hold to sense like the sovereigns

2. BMW 7 series

For those who love to drive their cars and do not just stick around the backseat, BMW has always been the perfect choice. But, anyone could get puzzled to decide with the 7 series as whether to drive it or just sit at the back.

To get supplementary pleasure and constancy, one could select the option of “Executive Drive Pro” available with the series. The gestures and movement of hands in front of the screen are looked upon by a special camera. When these movements are learnt by the camera, those demonstration functions could be performed by simple twist and swipe of your hands. The seats at rear are so astonishing that one can convert them into lounge style seats and heat or cool them as per convenience. The 4G Wi-Fi hot spots are available with the system of touch screen.


BMW 7 series


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