Reasons that increases the desire for you in Women

It is a misconception in the society that women only engage in sexual activities to procreate. But a recent survey by the University of Texas has put the belief of the people to question. It was found that this misconception is only one possible reason out of other 237. Women too want to hang with you for the reasons below.


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There are many others things which attracts women a lot and the lust for you increases tremendously. Women love if her man strives to communicate more than trying to get her into the orgasm, try to connect with her mentally or candid discussion on intimate details. This will make her even more comfortable and the want for you will increase. There are many sign which women give to hook with you.

Type of questions she ask

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If your girl starts asking about your schedules or routines then it is sure that she is thinking about getting intimate with you. She may inquire of privacy in your personal life.

Staying connected with her outside the bedroom

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When you put little efforts to stay connected with her outside the bedroom by sharing the details of day helps in maintaining the emotional intimacy. This increases her desire for you.

She thinks you’re fun to hang out with

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It was found by the Journal of Psychology that 25% of the women finds a man attractive if he has good sense of humour and other 31% would like to date him.

You prefer playing smart than being a tough guy

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The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology found that most of the women found men who remain isolated and walk away from the provoking situation less attractive than the other men.

You make her feel attractive, especially about things she is insecure about

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Women love when her man compliment for the things she is more insecure about. Try touching her parts of the body have the clues of the part of her body she is more self-conscious about.


You are physically less beefed-up and more athletic

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Women attract towards the man who has more of athletic charm then the body with the muscles. It was found in the survey that woman preferred athletic looking bodies over bulky or skinny physiques any day.

You commit to her

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“Committing to a woman is the key to sexually motivating any woman” states The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

You’re sealed the deal with your kissing skills

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It was found in the study that, women are less likely to get to the next level with a bad kisser. This study was published in the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology.



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