10 Simple DIY Beauty Hacks going viral on Insta

Moleskin patch to fix your underwire bra.

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Curl your hair using only a hair band

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Make small eyes look bigger and large eyes smaller.

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Apply white eyeliner on the waterline of your lower lids to make them look larger. Use dark eyeliner to make your eyes look smaller.

Make your mascara appear brighter

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Apply a little white eyeliner to make your mascara really shine.

Put old eye shadow to good use.

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Mix left over eye shadow with small amount of Vaseline and a new shade of lipstick is ready.

Clean your brushes without any hassle

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Simply mix together a little olive or mineral oil with some dish soap at a ratio of 1:1.
After washing, rinse thoroughly with water.

Get the perfect lashes

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Don’t know how to apply mascara ? No need to panic.

A simple spoon will help you to put mascara beautifully.

The best body scrub in the world

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Nothing can better than using ground Coffee as scrubber.

Make your lipstick last longer

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After applying the lipstick of your favorite shade, cover you lips with tissue paper and put powder.
This will help keep the color vibrant for a lot longer.

Fix a broken palette

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What happens when you child suddenly throw the eye-shadow palette? No need to panic. Just Grind it up and add a drop of spirit, and mix.
Now press with something hard and your palette looks new again.


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