10 Simple DIY Beauty Hacks going viral on Insta

Moleskin patch to fix your underwire bra. Curl your hair using only a hair band Make small eyes look bigger and large eyes smaller. Apply white eyeliner on the waterline of your lower lids to make them look larger. Use dark eyeliner to make your eyes look smaller. Make your mascara appear brighter Apply a…

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10 lazy girl beauty tips that every girl should memorise

Most of us daily barely manage to get up after the snoozing the alarm umpteen times. You realise you don’t have time for the daily morning beauty routine and are struggling to find a way out of it and also look good. But now you don’t have to worry about having to sacrifice either your…

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Say goodbye to black spots with these amazing home remedies!

Everyone wants to have a glowing complexion with clear and blemish free skin. The dark spots on your face are the factors that create hindrance in this. Over exposure to sun, vitamin deficiencies, certain medications, too much stress and lack of sleep could be the factors responsible for dark spots on the skin. But these…

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Here are the amazing natural face masks for great skin care!!!

Everyone wants to have the skin that is shiny, healthy as well as bright and to achieve this, it is recommended at least once in a weak, face mask must be applied as it helps in making the skin healthy and glowing. There are face masks are easily available in every store but for better…

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Forget about the wrinkles, they have become past now!!! Trending Beauty Tips!

The natural problem that all the individuals have to face is aging. This is common for all and is unavoidable. With aging number of problems occur but wrinkles are the biggest problem that everyone has to face. Women especially hate wrinkles and try each and every thingbin order to hide them as they cannot get…

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