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Everyone wants to have a glowing complexion with clear and blemish free skin. The dark spots on your face are the factors that create hindrance in this. Over exposure to sun, vitamin deficiencies, certain medications, too much stress and lack of sleep could be the factors responsible for dark spots on the skin. But these dark spots could be easily lightened for getting a glowing complexion with natural, safe and simple home remedies. Here are the natural and safe home remedies to get rid of the dark spots and get a clear and glowing skin.
Lemon juice

The dark spots could be lightened with the vitamin C present in lemon juice and it is easy to use as well.
• Take a cotton ball and put some fresh lemon juice in it. Rub it on the affected area directly.
• Let it dry for some time and then with plain water wash it.
• To get the desired results, continue this remedy for at least 2 weeks.



Buttermilk helps to get rid of the dark spots without any burning sensation on the skin. Take buttermilk measuring 4 tbsp’s.
• Add fresh tomato juice measuring 2 tbsp’s.
• Mix these two ingredients well and apply on the face.
• Let it rest for about 15 minutes and then wash it off.
The lactic acid present in milk also helps to tone the overall skin complexion and brighten the skin. In the absence of buttermilk, you can make use of milk as well by applying it directly on the spots with the help of cotton ball. Continue with the process for about 4-5 weeks applying it twice daily.


Aloe Vera

There are number of healing properties in Aloe Vera that acts as a natural corrector for dark spots.
• On the black spots and dark patches, apply the Aloe Vera gel directly.
• Massage the area for few minutes with your fingertips.
• The skin discolorations will get fade in two to three weeks with this remedy applied once or twice daily.



Use sandalwood as it is another effective option for the same.
• Take 1 tbsp sandalwood, 3 tbsp’s rise water and 1 tbsp glycerin and make a thick paste of these.
• To the affected area, apply this paste directly and leave it as it is for few minutes.
• Wash it off with lukewarm water.
• To get the desired results, follow this remedy applying it once daily till the spots vanish completely.


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