Most common Dream and their Meaning !!!

In the whole universe, God has endowed special blessings to human beings by giving them the capability of dreaming. In actual, dreams are the window to our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind keeps hinting every being through the dream when they sleep. Here we are telling you the interpretation of the basic dream which everyone once in their lifetime sees.

Animal: If you see the animal in your dream it represents that some part of your psyche is connected to the survival and nature. If you see an animal being chased by some other animal then it signifies that you are holding back emotions which are repressed like aggression or fear. The different animal may symbolize different meaning.

1. animal-netmarkers

Babies: The babies in the dream signify your desire to produce offspring or your need to feel loved. It may represent the aspect of being immature or new aspect that is still developing. Sometimes, dreaming of babies may also symbolize the new beginning in your life.

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