Latest technology that could save your files for 14 billion years by means of glass and lasers

In a recent study conducted by the researchers of University of South Hampton, it is discovered that your data could now be safely stored for years without any damage. A digital technique for storage of data is revealed that could safely hold images for about 14 billion tears.

In this process, fem to lasers have been used from which, a pulse of light is blasted for every quadrillionth of a second. The files are written in three layers of nanostructure dots using ultra fast laser and a difference of just five micrometers is maintained between these layers of dots.

The study

The team that was conducting the research found that data could be written onto fused quartz discs with the rapid-firing laser beam pulses. For this encoding process of data, it is required to be completed in five dimensions. The three dimensional position of these nanostructures is recorded in this process that accounts for the height, depth and width along with the point of reference and size of data.



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