Here are the most beautiful islands in the world you can’t afford to miss!!!

The perfect place where you can escape from the rat, that conjure dreams of paradise and is a perfect sad patch where you can gaze at the serene beauty and relax under rustling palms. But the same magic could not be created by all of them. This trending post has the list of the most beautiful islands that are surrounded by the sea defining their beauty. Far from the everyday bellow, these islands are close to the creature comfort where you can find everything from sublime beaches, exotic cultures, stunning topography as well as cultural jewels.

Palawan, Philippines

The answer of Philippine to paradise is Palawan that stretches southwest to Borneo. The lush limestone peaks rise from the sea that is so clear that from above the surface, you could almost see the expressions on the fish. Some of the best diving in the world is offered by the coral reefs that flourish with an extraordinary variety of tropical fish.

Palawan, Philippines-Netmarkers


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