Why these Olympic athletes have red spots on their bodies? Terrible!

The eyes of the entire world are currently on Rio Olympics. The Olympics are now in their second week, and the excitement has gone low. The Olympic Games are so breathtaking and gripping and every country is looking forward winning gold. The competition of swimming is very significant on Olympics. The viewers have seen something very peculiar on the bodies of swimmers. This peculiarity has been noticed mainly on the body of 23 time’s Olympic medal winner Michael Phelps. Viewers are confused about the red spots on the body of the athletes. These red spots look like bruises, but there is something more about them.

why Olympic athletes have red spots on their bodies- Netmarkers
The real reason behind the red marks on the bodies of the athletes is very surprising. There is a very definite and logical reason behind these spots. These red marks on the body are caused due to a new natural therapy, called as cupping. The therapy originated from the Chinese health medicine. This therapy is very popular among the athletes, as it increases blood circulation, and blood can be effectively transferred to those body parts, which go through rigorous exercising. This is why, spots are found at very strategic areas of the bodies.


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