Stop your kid from sitting in this position. This might bring troubles for him!!!

Children are inclined to sitting in a few unbalanced position’s whichever may suit them right now. Various studies show that children have flexible & adaptable bones; a few styles of sitting can really be harmful to them. One specific stance of sitting with legs out on both sides framing a “W” shape is not in the least right for your kid. The W sitting style is harmful, & the minute you see your child sitting that way, tell them to change it. Adaptability is great however there are a large number of reasons not to sit in such a way and all are negative.



What is W Sitting?

W Sitting is the point at which a child sit with both knees twisted and their legs dismissed out from their body. If you look at the kid from over their head, his or her legs will be fit as a fiddle of the letter “W”. Their knees and thighs might touch together or spread separated.



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