Your legs are the source of all diseases. Here’s how to detoxify your body from all toxins

Many of the people don’t know nor they realize that various ailments tend to come from our legs because it is highly used body part. Be it standing for the longer period of hours or walking, running too much. If someone goes barefoot, then chances of getting various bacterial germs entering through feet are quite high. One does not even sometimes know when sick, that they may have got the bacterial infection through their feet.


Detoxifying yourself regularly will help to clean your body with the toxins and germs that may be there within you. One should look the detoxification once in a while to better health. It is not necessary, that detoxification process has to be expensive or visit a doctor, it can easily be done in a home as per your comfort and convenience. It requires only one component for detoxification which is available in almost every home, i.e. onion.



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