10 Important things about our blood types we must be aware of!

There are four common blood types A, B, AB and O. Blood type is determined at the time of birth but each and every individual’s blood type is different and has unique characteristics. All blood possesses several features which helps us in determining the way external influences impact our bodies. Various characteristics of blood types are as follows.

Blood type and nutrition

Each blood type gets benefits from different foods:

Blood type A can get benefit by consuming more veggies and avoiding meat.

Blood type O needs extra protein such as meat and fish.

AB blood type should eat lean meat, walnuts and seafood

Blood type B is advised to avoid chicken and consume more red meat, broccoli, dairy products.


Blood type and illnesses

Different blood type is being impacted by disease in a different way depending on increased or reduced risk of illnesses. You can search your blood type risk through your blood group.



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