10 interesting Facts, we bet you didn’t know about Sean Combs

6. Father of Six: He has 3 boys namely Quincy, Justin, Christian and three daughters Chance and twins D’Lila and Jessie.

Diddy's Kids

7. Favourite TV Shows: Good Times is his favourite TV Show.

8. Rock Music was his enemy: Combs’ biggest competitor was rock stars. He wanted to compete with them and not with other hip-hop artists. Once he quoted “My eye was never on competing with other hip-hop artists. My eye was on competing with rock artists…”

9. First Love Football: In high school, he played as a cornerback and running back on his football team. He was determined to make a career in football as a player until he broke his leg.

10. Music Teacher of Biggie: When he met Biggie for the first time, he learned that Biggie did not know how music is read and he never had any kind of formal musical training. Combs taught him how to read and write music.




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