Trendy Nail Arts which are really very easy

Nail Art is very trending art now-a-days. People have become bored with the plain and boring nail colors and always try something new. Here we are sharing some easy nail art tips so that a newbie can easily become a nail art master.


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The basic thing which should be kept in mind if you really want your nails to look beautiful is that you must apply a base coat before starting any nail art. After you are done with the nail art apply fast drying top coat so that it seal your nail art design.

Geometric Nail Art

This is most trending nail art and is very common among girls who are fashion freak. First of all, apply neutral base color on your nails followed by the drawing geometric shapes like triangle with a thin brush using different colors.


geometric art netmarkers


Heart Nail Art

For heart nail art, first of all apply the base color of your choice. Then with a help of very sharp tip tool like toothpick make a dot with white nail polish. Now drag the dot to make half heart shape. Follow the procedure to the other side to complete the heart. Fill white color inside it and seal it with the fast drying coat.


heart nail art netmarkers


Tribal Nail Art

Apply base color to your nails followed by two messy triangles as shown in the figure. Draw a rough outline on the triangle with black color. If it look messy then no need to worry as this will give textured look. With while nail paint draw a triangle in the center and lastly seal it with the black coat.


tribal nail art netmarkers


Floral Nail Art

Apply plain base coat to your nail and with the use of pastel colored polish draw a petal of a flower exactly on the upper corner as shown in the image below. Now, use another color of polish and draw on the other corner of nail. Draw dot as shown in the image and give final touch by applying top coat.


floral nail art netmarkers


Strip Nail Art

This is the most easy nail art which can be made by anyone. For this you just need a metallic tape. First of all, apply solid base color and let it dry. Now cut the metallic tape according to the length needed and tape it parallel as shown in image. Apply fast drying coat on it.


metllic nail art netmarkers



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