10 Dangerous Creatures that Actually Looks Innocent!

We all know that wild animals are not friendly but we still consider some of them to be innocent animals. We often come across these animals without realizing that how dangerous they could be. In this article you will get to know about these 10 creatures who only looks to be innocent but are actually the most dangerous of all animals.

  1. Striped Catfish

Most of the members of catfish family contain sharp spines having strong toxins which are injected in their prey. If got bitten by them can cause unpleasant consequences such as irritation, swelling, weakness, and even nausea in few days. There are some dreadful cases resulting in death of developed gangrene and tissues which may lead to limb amputation.


  1. Red Fox

Red fox are cunning in nature and they mostly target children. They are largest among all true foxes. The members of Red fox family are known as ‘canids’ which include wolves, dingoes, foxes, jackals and dogs.


  1. Beaver

They are mostly known for managing the waterways or for the ability of cutting trees. Beavers have sharp teeth in the front which grows constantly. These giant rodents have massive incisors which are no less than a saw. With the help their incisors they cut trees and yet people do not recognize it as being dangerous for humans.



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