Top 6 Scary Dolls!

The innocent, comforting and furry dolls which assure that we are never alone but who knows that behind the curtains of innocence which dangers lurk. It is true that dolls are the very good friend of us but it is also true that Dolls can be scary as hell. Here is the list of some scary dolls.

  1. Cecilia

A ghost doll who have black tears in her white colour’s eyes and her ash looking skin and white hairs make her looks more horrible. This doll was made by an artist named Shain Erin, he shows his art on dolls and makes ghosts, skeletons, creepy dolls, mummies and monsters. The good thing is that people like his art and buy those dolls and use them in the period of Halloween.


  1. Annabelle

Annabelle was a real doll who used to shift her position whenever her owner was out of the house, her owner named Donna claimed that the doll used to write a message on a piece of paper saying “Help Us”. Moreover, she also found some drops of blood on the doll’s hand and chest. Later a movie has been created on this doll named “Annabelle”.


  1. Little Miss No Name

This doll was created in 1965 by a company called Hasbro. They wanted to create a completely opposite doll of a Barbie who is rich and had a lot of pretty clothes, cars, houses and boyfriends. This doll is poor who had nothing just a rag on her body and an extended hand which looks like that she is begging for something. The company created this doll just to win the heart of those little girls who love Barbie. Don’t you think this is a kind of a bad idea? Of course, she looks like a beggar, but like one who would murder you any minute.


  1. Marybel

Marybel came in 1959 as the broken leg’s doll in Doll market of America and it came with all her medical supplies like bandages, gauges, crutches, adhesive tape and casts. The idea of the designer was to help those little girls with broken legs. He thought that they will feel better to see a doll whose condition is same like theirs but still, we cannot say that the doll less creepy because of the fact.





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