Top 10 Summer Fashion Trends Of 2019

Want to keep your closet up to date? We have listed the top summer street style for you. Follow these glamorous and stylish fashion trends of 2019 –

Top 10 Summer Fashion Trends Of 2019 - Header - NetMarkers

#1 Animal Instincts:

Top 10 Summer Fashion Trends Of 2019 - Animal Instincts - NetMarkers

The wild and bold print is in trend. Leopard print is one of the most popular prints and can be seen on various outfit like – coats, suits, pants, dresses, etc. Choose a bright and striking design and look like a fashionista. Additionally, you can also carry a printed shoes or bag to make it look trendier.

#2 Bike Shorts and Blazers:

Top 10 Summer Fashion Trends Of 2019 - Bike Shorts And Blazers - NetMarkers

Bike shorts worn with blazers gives a glamorous chic look. Although this look is not suitable for office and gym, but it is a great outfit for Sunday brunch or an outing with your friends. Try this comfy outfit.

#3 Boiler Suits:

Top 10 Summer Fashion Trends Of 2019 - Boiler Suits - NetMarkers

Originally designed garment to protect manual labor, have now become a fashionable boiler suit. Pick the best color and design for your wardrobe. These jumpsuits with long sleeves have various designs and color to pick.

#4 Puff Shoulders:

Top 10 Summer Fashion Trends Of 2019 - Puff Shoulders - NetMarkers

Puff shoulder blouses and dresses is a must for your trendy and fashionable wardrobe. It gives a twist of 80s to the modern attire. This daytime fashionable style will make you look graceful and classy.

#5 Colored Tartan:

Top 10 Summer Fashion Trends Of 2019 - Colored Tartan - NetMarkers

You can pair a tartan suit with a pair of pants and jacket to get a classic look. It is available in bright bold colors like blue, red, green, etc. Pick any bold classy color for your wardrobe.

#6 Lavender Tones:

Top 10 Summer Fashion Trends Of 2019 - Lavender Tones - NetMarkers

The light purple or lavender color is a fashion trend. You can wear it in the form of dresses, boots or even coats. This feminine, flattering and subtle color will make you look pretty.

#7 Neo-Gothic:

Top 10 Summer Fashion Trends Of 2019 - Neo-Gothic - NetMarkers

This dark and all-black apparel will make you look fashionable and chic. Get a sensual look by applying dark red lip shade.

#8 Patchwork:

Top 10 Summer Fashion Trends Of 2019 - Patchwork - NetMarkers

Get jumpsuits, dresses, pants and much more with fashionable patchwork. Rock this eye-catchy, creative and colorful design with stylish accessories. This fashion trend is a must for your wardrobe.

#9 Bucket Hats:

Top 10 Summer Fashion Trends Of 2019 - Bucket Hats - NetMarkers

This iconic hat of 90s is one of the trendiest accessories of 2019. Go and get one for yourself if you do not own one already. These casual hats are stylish and protects from sun. You can wear them with any dress, suit, etc.

#10 Shrunken Bags:

Top 10 Summer Fashion Trends Of 2019 - Shrunken Bags - NetMarkers

Shrunken bags stand out because of their size. It can only fir your phone. Hence, if you want to look trendy and stylish, invest in this tiny version of handbag. You can comfortably carry this fashion trend bag.


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