Even Google is obliged to this Grandma! See, why search of this grandma has gone viral!

World's most polite Grandma has gone viral and her politeness is even noticed by Google. Amazing to know, an 86 years old grandmother from U.K. used the search engine of Google politely and her politeness has gone viral. May Ashworth is liked by thousands of people across the Internet for the use of "please" and…

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Facebook, Twitter and Google sued by family of student killed at Paris Attack.

Nohemi Gonzalez is no more and her family is claiming Facebook, Twitter and Google responsible for the same. Lawsuit is filed claiming these companies provided 'material Support' to ISIS. California design student, Nohemi Gonzalez was killed in terror attack in Paris in November and now the family has sued the social media companies claiming they…

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Just sit in these self driving cars of Google and you will be paid $20 for that!!!

Technology is about to bring revolution in the world in the near future where the humans will be replaced by the robots. Robots will be there to do each and every task and humans will have to do nothing but to order them. The same is true in the case of driving as well. Yes,…

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