Just sit in these self driving cars of Google and you will be paid $20 for that!!!

Technology is about to bring revolution in the world in the near future where the humans will be replaced by the robots. Robots will be there to do each and every task and humans will have to do nothing but to order them. The same is true in the case of driving as well. Yes, even driving will be done by the robots. This technology has been invented by Google and to test its cars that are having the self driving feature, it is also paying good money.

Google self driving cars-Netmarkers

Several other companies in the world like G.M. and Lyft are also there in the race and are planning to introduce the taxis that are self electric driving. In the places like Kirkland, Austin and Mountain View, the Google self driving cars are on their way for trial testing. As per Google, for the autonomous vehicles invented by them, the perfect climate for the testing ground is Arizona’s hot, dry and desert climate.


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