OMG!!! Technology revealed a microscope that has the power to control brain!!!

Now even our brains could be controlled by others… Yes, a new technology has revealed a microscope that can control the brains. With this revolutionary technology, neuroscientists can now control and observe the neural activity with accuracy of millisecond on a cellular level. They can get the most detailed peak of the inner workings of…

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Elegance In The Kids Is Not Assured With Extra Use Of Technology In Schools.

“Technology is just a tool in terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.” computers along with other scientific possessions in their classrooms as per the latest inclination of introducing more and more technology in schools. Excessive use of technology in schools may perhaps be a bad…

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Recent study revealed that patients suffering from depression could be treated by means of virtual reality

We all have witnessed huge waves of virtual reality in the fields of films and gaming. But, have you ever thought of the useful things that could result with the use of this technology? It is revealed in a study conducted recently that the people suffering from the problem of depression could be treated with…

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Latest technology that could save your files for 14 billion years by means of glass and lasers

In a recent study conducted by the researchers of University of South Hampton, it is discovered that your data could now be safely stored for years without any damage. A digital technique for storage of data is revealed that could safely hold images for about 14 billion tears. In this process, fem to lasers have…

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