Is it true that solar power will become a dominating source of energy in Future?

“I think the Future for Solar Energy is Bright”

This quote by Ken Salazar itself says that Solar Energy has a bright future. Technology in today’s time is progressing in the establishment of different distribution methods for solar energy. A lot of scope is still left in this phenomenon. Solar power energy is still an indefinable source of energy to the common man. It was firstly used on US Vanguard Satellite 60 years ago and launched in the year of 1958.
According to cost of a solar cell, its cost has reduced in a drastic manner from $1910 per watt to $0.80. When it was established, its cost was $1910 per watt and now it is $0.80. Technology of Solar power is stopped after high usage and success of motor vehicles, electricity and cell phones. According to the high studies and researches at Oxford University, it is discovered that usage of solar energy will be highly increased by 2027 whereas International Energy Agency (IEA) says that contribution of solar energy in the Global electricity will last at 16%.

According to predictions, solar power will be considered as Dominant Energy Source

Yan Qin is a modeling analyst at Thomson Reuters Point Carbon. He proposed a brilliant perspective about solar energy. He said that lack of infrastructure is one of the biggest drawbacks in solar energy that is used in the establishment of grid work in an efficient manner. The implementation of these Grid infrastructures is very slow and cost is very high. Limited production due to variations in seasons and the capacity is considered as the biggest problems that are found in achieving the name of powerful source of energy for solar energy. The possible solution found for the solar energy is the connection of solar energy to the common power grids worldwide. These common power grids always have power supply at any point in the world. According to today’s situation of world, it is quite difficult to practice such solutions.



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