Elegance In The Kids Is Not Assured With Extra Use Of Technology In Schools.

What is the final outcome?

The digital skills are undergoing rapid increase and it is not possible to deny their requirement. As a final judgment, the technology must be influenced successfully with least amount of usage instead of disrespecting it.

The rapidity of human in terms of inborn understanding and learning could not be altered by technology and in fact, it acts as a mere tool in the schools. The leaders and teachers are the one that should be concentrated upon by the schools. Even the best digital tools are of no use until the teachers are trained well so as to acquaint these skills.

A healthy cynicism regarding the computer programs should be communicated in the classes and the teachers should be edified appropriately. The report winds up saying that the school leaders, teachers and all other decision makers having the ability to establish connection between students, learning and computers along with a vision are the key elements for achievement. The optimum technology should be pushed upon in the schools that could provide positive impacts rather than any arguments for technology in schools.



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