Elegance In The Kids Is Not Assured With Extra Use Of Technology In Schools.

Authenticity Check

The actuality should not get distorted from the lustrous image of students making use of computers in school all around. The factual impact of use of technology in schools should be passed from the authenticity check so as to know whether it is providing harmful or beneficial results.

The fact should not be forgotten that a number of top performers from China and Korea in the field of digital reading and mathematics have significantly low usage of computers in schools. Conversely,  a significant fall has been observed in the reading scores from 2000-2012 in the countries where an extensive use of technology is there for schoolwork.

No miraculous results could be obtained for the deprived students that could balance them with their well off friends with the amplified revelation of technology in schools. There must be an improvement in the infrastructures of the schools so as to overpass this gap and sustain equality between the privileged and disadvantaged peers.

It is clearly declared in the report that in spite of identical and costless access to the internet services, the dissimilarities in the digital skills will still persist except the current gaps are not narrowed in writing, reading or mathematical skills.

Male Pupil Using Keyboard During Computer Class In Chinese Schoo


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