8 methods to look up and prevent monitoring of your cell phone

In this age of advancement, it is very easy to use technology as an immoral tool.  That is why, it’s very important to secure your personal details which are usually saved on your smartphones and other devices, hackers are well versed and highly equipped with great hacking techniques which can bring great risk to the important data saved in various devices owned by you. Thus, to avoid this unknown monitoring and hacking of your devices here is a quick review of 8 different methods to know about trackers of your detailed information stored in your smart device.

1) *#21#

This code helps to inspect if any calls, messages, and data of your device are diverted.  All apparently valid number to which your data is been diverted appears on your display screen. This is usually done by criminal minds and suspecting rivalry in love, who usually tries to crack mobile data in order to get information.  Elderly people are more likely to fall prey of such actions which can even lead to great loss of wealth sometimes.

his _code- helps- you -to- check- your calls,- messages- and -data -Netmarkers


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