Orlando Shooting latest update: Killer Omar Mateen was ‘cool and calm’ after killing the mass!

Viral Orlando shooting that left behind blood, tears, cries, disappointment and hatred has a latest update and that is even more shocking. Omar Mateen and his wife Sitora Yusufiy are trending since people carry a lot of doubts in their mind. The killer, Omar Mateen as per police, after the massacre seems to be ‘cool and calm’. But why he has so much hatred for the gay community? What strengthen him do this inhuman act that is believed to be the deadliest mass shooting in the United States that killed 49 people and wounded as many as 53 people? The attack at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, on Sunday raised a number of questions and is viral and trending even today. Omar Mateen, 29 called the law enforcement unit and updated about his further plan of action. What he said is even more shocking.

Orlando shooting latest update- Netmarkers



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