I was ashamed of my legs, until I came to know about these ways!

Cracked heels are one of the most common problems which are quite awful and result to extreme pain and wounds. People who suffer this problem on a large basis are the ones, who don’t scrub their heel regularly, have nutrition less diet, wear wrong shoes or live in an unhygienic environment. Another reason for cracked heels is deficiency of Omega 3 Fatty acid and Zinc. Excessive pressure is faced by the feet after the cracks. The symptom of cracked heels includes redness, peeling, itchy skin, patches, bleeding etc. To overcome the problem of cracked heels, there are some home remedies provided by the specialists.

Mixture of Honey and Milk

Even if you are not facing the problem of cracked heels then also you can use the mixture of Honey and Milk for softening of the heels. This mixture works as a miracle for the softness of the heels. In the preparation of this mixture, you need 1 cup of honey and 2 cups of Milk. Mix them thoroughly and then apply on the feet and heels. Massage properly and after 8-10 minutes, go for bath.

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