The Most Insane Competitions Ever Seen! Be prepared to be thrilled.

As the title says, be prepared to be thrilled by seeing  the most insane competitions ever at Netmarkers. They are ridiculous and crazy. Have a look!

People who satisfy themselves with the help of doing competitions invent different types of competitive games every day. Out of all some of them are really weird and insane which can even make you laugh out loud. There are so many crazy competitive games which discover on the daily basis. Have a look on some which are most ridiculous and crazy at the same time.

Bog snorkeling

Bog Snorkeling is the shocking sport which was originated in 1976 in Wales. In this sport, competitors complete the two consecutive lengths of the trench filled with water in the shortest period of time. Players in this game needs to wear flippers and snorkels.

Bog snorkeling



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