Your blood type reveals a lot about your health state! Amazing facts about blood groups!

A lot of health factors are revealed by the type of blood that different people are having. It reveals the type of disease to which they are vulnerable as well as the diseases against which their immunity is strong. Here are the factors of health and the diseases to which certain people are vulnerable on account of the type of blood they have.

A, B, O and AB are the four types of blood groups. + and – are the two Rh factors. Every individual inherit these from his parents. At present, particular diseases are related by the scientists to particular blood type that the people are having and the advantages that each blood group has on the health of the individual are also researched.

Those who are having type A blood are more vulnerable to blood cancer even though they are more fertile. People having type O blood have safety against heart attacks but are vulnerable to blood pressure. Those having type B blood are more vulnerable to pancreatic cancer. Below are the details of the advantages as well as disadvantages of different types of blood groups.

streaming blood cells


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