How to play Pokemon Go? Complete Guide for you.

Most of the people have heard about Pokémon Go, but yet not played this live game. It does not take you to the world of the game, but is in your very own world where you live. It presents the combination of augmented reality, GPS, and dorky-cute graphics. Pokémon Go is a game for iPhone and Android, which swept the whole world with is charm. This article presents all the tips and tricks for playing Pokémon GO.

Pokemon go complete playing guide- Netmarkers

What is Pokémon Go?

Everyone has heard about Pokémon GO except those who are living on the other side of the world, or those who are not connected to the world. Pokémon Go is an amazing popular game these days. The basics of the old Pokémon game are same like catching Pokémon, fighting at Gyms, using items and evolving the creatures. The difference is that players will be doing all this in reality. This means that this time you don’t have to use the tapping or the D-pad to tell your virtual avatar that where it had to go, you yourself have to walk. Yes walking in the real world! Crazy, isn’t it!!

what is pokemon-go- Netmarkers

You will be clearly astonished to know about this new game. You do not have to be a great fan of the old game, or you don’t have posses’ extraordinary skills to play this game. This game is about catching Pokémon and battling, having real joy in the real world, exploring things with your friends, checking in at historical places as PokéStops and finding new connections in the neighborhood as Pokétrainers.


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