Amazing 8 Exercises That Will Help You Gain Weight!

  1. Clean and press: This exercise is intended for men. This is a muscle building exercise. To do this places a barbell on the floor in front of your feet and lean down to grab the bar. Place your hands shoulder-width apart. Now stand up on the balls of your feet and raise the bar to the chest level. Flip your wrists; the palms should be facing the ceiling. Press the bar overhead. Reverse and return the barbell to the floor.


  1. Crunches: Crunches can be done by both men and women. it is the best way to lose belly weight and get some core strength.  To do this lie down on the carpet. Bend your knees with the feet flat. Place your arms in front of your chest crossed and lift up your torso to the ceiling. Stop at the peak position and slowly lower down.



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