Rare known secret Facebook features! Amazing facts!

Facebook is something that has become an important part of the life of almost all of us and it is difficult to find someone who is not a Facebook user. This is the reason why Facebook, at present, is the most well-liked social networking site that is used by the people of almost all groups. Since its origin in the year 2004, several improvements and changes have been done and number of new features have also been introduces. But there are some hidden features of Facebook that are not known even to the daily users of Facebook.  These hidden features will definitely leave you amazed.

The “settings” page

Do you know that it is possible for you to keep a track of all possible hacking activity on your account and the hackers who are logging into your Facebook account?  Yes this is possible in the security folder present in settings page of Facebook. You can trace the location, date as well as browser that have been used for the purpose of logging in. It is also possible to cease the illegal inquiring into your account with the “end activity”.



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