Top 10 most beautiful and amazing flowers in the world

Since the ancient times flowers are considered  sacred and one of the sweetest creation of God. Flowers have a significant and a short life. They are of great value and importance .They are considered  sacred and are offered as to almost each and every God of every religion. But in-spite having a short  life they bring smile and peace to each and every person . They depict both joy and sorrow. They are not only pleasing to the eyes but support great fragrance as well. They are a perfect present at every occasion. Flowers are versatile in nature. Some of them out of the lot are mentioned below:

1) Plumeria: Present in several varieties it is a native flower of Central America, Brazil and Caribbean. It has both fragrance and beauty. It is present various colors and is medium in size.


2) Orchids: It is easy adaptable and is of various varieties and is present in almost every corner of the world. It is loved by florists and people.




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