Energy saving bulbs – Cause of serious diseases like Cancer and Migraine!

Due to various gadgets at home generally electric bills are very high. But as these gadgets and appliances are useful in day to day life. In order to put a control on electricity bills, one can replace light bulbs with energy saving bulbs. Such energy saving bulbs can save money or reduce electricity bulbs up to great extent. These bulbs were considered very helpful and environment friendly but it was a myth. These bulbs are very harmful as due to such energy saving bulbs one can have serious diseases like Migraine and Cancer.

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1. Toxic Bulbs

Bulbs which helps in reducing electricity bills and considered safe are not safe.Such bulb are harmful and are toxic.These bulbs releases poisonous gas ,if by any chance they are broken.At the time of disposal of such bulbs,one should be very careful and ensure that they do not break at the time of throwing them into bins. Situation can be worst if such bulb breaks in house or any other place other than garbage.



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