These are the safest places where you can survive even in case of nuclear holocaust


Nuclear war is a very frightful as it is just not about the war but also about the radiations that will be there even after the war. There is a clear example in front of us in terms of the effect the nuclear effects of bomb that can be seen in Hiroshima and Nagasaki till date. But now focus not on that, and shift our point of focus that which places would be safe in case of a nuclear attack. Listing below is such 10 places that are safe from the nuclear war:

Tierra del Fuego

It can be called as a safe haven and a safe place from nuclear attack. It is an island and has a cold and rainy weather whole year. Located at the tip of South America .It has an established population along with nice infrastructure.

Tierra del Fuego-Netmarkers

Easter Island

It is far away from the zone of danger. It lies thousand odd miles off the coast of South America, and a haven in Pacific Ocean. The island is known for its Moai the mysterious monolithic statue.

Easter Island-Netmarkers


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