Top 10 awe-inspiring places in the world you would surely love!

Riviera Maya, Yucatán Mexico the land of style attracts the tourists from all the parts of the world to its marvelously beautiful beaches of River Maya, Yucatan. The seductive coastline with tropical forests always bears moderate temperature making it a great relaxing destination for the nature lovers to appreciate the beauty of the Nature while…

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Your zodiac sign can tell you which place to visit for your dream vacation

Each zodiac sign has its unique characteristics and these tend to define your choices regarding travel destinations. Some people like adventure, luxury and shopping when they travel while there are others who prefer solace, peace and tranquillity. Plan your holiday as per your choice and zodiac sign.. Steps To Plan A Dream Vacation Here are…

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Are you an adrenalin junkie and love roller coasters that are dangerous and that can give you the ultimate thrill and fun

Are you an adrenalin junkie and love roller coasters that are dangerous and that can give you the ultimate thrill and fun. If yes, then you should take a ride of at least one roller coaster. In this world, there are people who think that making tall roller coasters would be a great source of…

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit Before You Die!

Everyone wants to travel the world and visit the beautiful places, but with so many places to visit where do you start? Here we come to you with the list of 10 most incredibly super awesome places to visit around the world, before you die.   Enjoy the video of most beautiful and amazing places!

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It’s called 1000 island and is people’s favourite, you can’t wait to find out why?

Thousand islands is a picturesque spot in North America. It's uniqueness lies in its location, it's an archipelago of island situated in the seaway right at the mouth of St Lawrence river between cape Vincent USA and Kingston,Canada. Most of the islands are generally sparsely populated but the thousand islands are quite populated . The…

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12 Unique tourist scams to avoid for a safer vacation!

As the world becomes smart, the criminals are becoming smarter. For those who are travelling, they can portray various roles to ensure they are successful in their criminal ploy and go unnoticed and scot-free quite easily. Hence you need to adopt precaution while you travel to save your self form falling into the trap of…

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9 Beauteous roads in the world that can drive you crazy

Are you planning for a long drive to a scenic route which everyone dreams of after watching beautiful sceneries? Then here is a series of 9 picturesque routes which can drive anyone crazy, especially for those who love spinning around the world on wheels. 1. Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway : This Atlantic Ocean Road was…

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Enjoy the Valentine’s day at these Valentine’s Day destinations!

How about celebrating this Valentine’s Day while walking on the walkways of Paris or celebrating it in an igloo? Let’s explore different beautiful locations across the globe to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Valentine in a very special way. Love in Las Vegas A hotel break in Las Vegas or a drive-through wedding at Little…

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