These Tourist Destinations Are Most Dangerous In The World. Which One Will You Dare To Visit?

Travelling is loved by most of us and several people are there who love exploring new and adventurous places that they can visit. Today we are here with the list of most dangerous places in the world that you should only visit if you are a real thrill lover.

Death valley:

This place is in USA that could be considered as a boiling hot oven of our earth. On our planet, the record of highest temperature goes to this desert with 56.7 °C. No matter how much adventure lover and strong you are, this place will quickly exhaust you with its scorching heat


Danakil desert:

This place in Africa is known to be the landscape that is most brutal of all with toxic gas splitting geysers, several active volcanoes and baking temperature recorded as high as 50 °C. While some brave adventurers are attracted by this place, others consider it like a plain hell on earth.



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