Unbelievable but true ! Dangerous Bridges of Death



There was a time when technology was not so advance as it is now. People found their own solution to combat any difficulties and one such example is of Hanging Bridge. Yes you read right! In earlier days, constructing bridges for fast transportation was not possible as the technology was not evolved that much so some people build the hanging bridge which are still in existence today. Read the article to find 10 dangerous hanging bridges in the world.

Aiguille Du Midi Bridge- Mont Blanc Massif, France

This bridge in France is a link between peaks of Aiguille Du Midi and is located at a very high elevation of 12,604 ft. Major attraction of this bridge is that one can ride the world’s highest ascent car. From this bridge you can see France, Italy and Switzerland.

Aiguille Du Midi Bridge- Mont Blanc Massif, France-netmarkers



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