Top 10 Well-Famed, Handsome and Hottest Hollywood Actors in Hollywood!

Hollywood are the movies which are world’s top-rated, reason being the quality of the movie as well as the Actors. The Hollywood actors are mostly attracted by their smartness, handsomeness and appearance. They have hell lot of fans all across the world because they look damn cute and charming.

Their fans are their greatest strength and because of this reason they create unity around the world. Scroll down to have a look on the top 10 Famous, Handsome and Hottest Hollywood Actors.

  1. Ben Affleck

Born on 15th August, 1972, Ben Affleck is one of the well-known filmmaker and actor. He is an all-rounder and performs various roles as actor, writer, director and producer. Some of his famous movies are The Wonder, The Town, Runner, Argo, Extract, The Company Men, and many more.


  1. Matt Damon

Born on 8th October, 1970 in Cambridge, Matt Damon is an award winning Hollywood actor. Also being an excellent screenwriter, he won Oscar Award for screenwriting in the movie “Good Will Hunting”. He then got married to Luciana Bozan, his girlfriend and is a father of three daughters. He made his debut in the movie “Mystic Pizza” at the age of 18.



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