Top 10 Strangest Buildings in the World

Nice architecture depicts the mood, shapes the aura of the cities in which we live, pleases our eyes and also provides houses that are comfortable. If you are bored of the regular linear buildings than have a look at this list having the most strange structures in the world that you would love to visit.

Stone house, Portugal

Two giant stones are connected together by this house that is made up of concrete mix. Thousands of tourists are attracted towards this house that depicts a stone-age home. This two story house is located in Portugal’s Fafe Mountains and is built between 4 large boulders.

Stone house-Portugal-Netmarkers

Kansas City library in Missouri, USA

This is the most bizarre yet natural architectural library where just like in your shelf, the books are lined up in a row. 22 different titles are depicted by the building and the genre variety is demonstrated by it. The community bookshelf is Kansas City Library’s most striking feature that runs along the parking garage’s south wall.



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